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By demonstrating a strong commitment to saving environment, you will enhance your reputation, increase your appeal in the market and attract a wider customer base.

Every local business has a major role to play in improving their local environment. Addressing your environmentally friendly performance will contribute towards improving your local area as well as the global environment, and at the same time help create a better working environment for everyone included in your enterprise.

Be ahead of your competition and advertise on our environmentally friendly Web site. Click on the link to find out Why should you advertise on this Web site?

Additional Information:

We are using Paypal to do the online payments for us which means its secure and anyone can use a card or a Paypal account to purchase our products or services.

Acceptance Mark

Ads must be paid in full and submitted at least two business days prior to run date.

We reserve the right to reject any banner advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate to our site or a particular page.

Support Environment cannot accept responsibility for any client's Web site that is down, that is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

The banner ad graphic must be in either JPEG or GIF format, and should not require more than 20k (kilobytes) of memory. Support Environment will not accept flash format or any other rich media banners formats.

We provide creative services and can create banner ad for your campaign if you don't have a professional who will create your banner ad for you. We are pleased to accept banner ads created by advertising clients, design  or advertising agencies. We will only accept banners that meet our specifications.

Please Note:

Advertising rates are based on your choice of packages. For further information about advertising packages or advertising regulations please contact us.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate, ask us, we are flexible. Thank you for your interest. Your interest is greatly appreciated!

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What You Should Know
This Web site simply cannot exist without your support. Our plan to grow into an environmentally content rich resource is not without its costs. We prefer to limit invasive advertising and maintain the quality of the user experience to enjoy our content, pure and simple. So we ask for your assistance in maintaining this Web site without unnecessary advertising.
Environmentally safe products provide a safer indoor and outdoor environment and their purchase supports responsible manufacturing and retail businesses.
Sponsorship opportunities exist for companies or individuals who would like to support  environmental project either financially or through the donation of goods or services. Please review our Sponsorship Policy.