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Built Green™ Alberta Homes

Sunny Days for Sterling Homes

Demand is heating up for Sterling Homes in Drake Landing Solar Community, Okotoks. A master planned subdivision by United Communities, Drake Landing has successfully integrated energy efficiency technology with a renewable energy source solution - the sun.

The first of its kind in North America, 52 – solar heated homes are being built by Sterling Homes of the Sterling Group of Companies. Seasonal solar storage technology captures sunlight using solar panels mounted on the rear garage/breezeways. The thermal energy is stored in a borehole field under the neighborhood park, and then delivered back to the homes via hot water through underground, insulated pipes.

Space heating in each home is from hot water delivered from a cental source. Using conventional forced air ducts, warm air regulated by a standard thermostat is distributed throughout each home.

Sterling ’s solar homes are enhanced with stringent energy requirements. Each of the 52 homes will be certified to Natural Resources Canada’s R-2000 requirements for energy efficiency and Built Green™ Alberta “Gold” standards.

The goal is to provide Canadians with housing “that not only shelters comfortably, but does so responsibly”, says Bill Bobyk , Sterling Group’s General Manager.

Building to R2000 specifications results in achieved energy efficiencies. Homes built in Drake Landing Solar community “will use 90 percent less natural gas for space heating then conventionally built homes”, adds Keith Paget , Manager of Special Projects for the Sterling Group.

On average a typical Canadian home releases six tons of Green House Gas per year whereas the energy efficient homes in Drake Landing Solar Community will use four and a half tons less each year. Other benefits of the Sterling solar homes include a healthier environment inside the home, efficient water usage, low impact landscaping and supporting the local economy as materials are purchased from local manufacturers.

As we depend on the natural resources that nature provides for us, “choosing a greener future ensures that there will be resources left for future generations”, says Bobyk.

All homes built in Drake Landing Solar Community, are finely crafted, single family homes with rear garages attached together by breezeways to incorporate the 800 solar collectors in the subdivision. Distinct home designs are availalble to choose from.

You could be environmentally friendly on many ways, even in the process of buying a new home. Imagine living in the community specificaly created to preserve precious natural resources and provide greater energy efficiency in your home. 

Homes in Drake Landing Solar Community will be certified at the Built Green™ Alberta "Gold" level.  CLICK HERE to find out more about this great community

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What You Should Know
The Built Green™ Alberta program has three levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Points are awarded based on a minimum EnerGuide rating for each of the 3 levels.
Tightening a home to make it more energy efficient without adequately addressing the gases that are naturally emitted from building material can create health problems.
A Built Green™ home encourages well-sealed duct systems, sealed combustion gas appliances, controls fresh air and uses non-toxic interior building materials that reduce the sources of indoor pollution.