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Growth And Negative Effects


World need responsible development which takes place within the framework laid down by nature, not at the expense of nature and the environment.

Continued growth, combined with a rapid increase in population and unchanged production and consumption patterns, increases pressure on the biosphere. Many people including economists do not understand the costs of environmental degradation. The national accounts, our way of calculating growth, do not include these costs. Therefore, actual economic growth in both rich and poor countries is smaller than what is generally believed. Growth and development are not the same thing. The type of growth is of crucial importance.

Read SIDA Report: Growth and the Environment by Thomas Sterner

In this valuable publication, Professor Thomas Sterner, a leading environmental economist, demonstrates that a long-term poverty reduction and economic growth is impossible without taking into consideration the natural resources and the environment that people depend upon for their livelihoods.

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China’s rapid growth is now a driving force in the global economy and is achieving unprecedented rates of poverty reduction. However, growth is also seriously damaging the natural resource base and generating major environmental liabilities. The country’s environmental problems include land degradation, deteriorating water quality and water scarcity, severe air pollution and declining natural forest cover. These problems threaten the health and prospects of current and future generations and are undermining the sustainability of long-term growth.

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What You Should Know
The relationship between a growing economy and its effects on various ecosystems is a complex one.
Businesses globally say they need clarity on the shape of future climate policy, in order to make investments now in infrastructure that could last 40-plus years.
Most scientists have linked the buildup of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide to global warming. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), a UN body, said that rising world temperatures were already affecting plants and animals, water supplies, growing seasons, and fisheries.
Will the press people, writters, editors and publishers beat the information alarm-gong, constantly until the people awake?