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Save Energy - Save Money - Help Environment

Reducing the amount of the energy we use is one of the fastest and most effective ways to save money, and at the same time it will also help environment.

With climate change so high on the political agenda, we are likely to see more initiatives from the governments all over the world. Be prepared and stay ahead of your governmental regulations. That will save you time and money when changes and regulations are introduced, plus, if you start saving energy right away, you will immediately reduce your energy bill.

Start thinking about more efficient appliances,  a better running car, commuting or carpooling to work, increasing the temperature in the home or work environment during summer, lowering the temperature during winter, switch lights off in the rooms and corridors that aren’t being used. Those are just a few ways that you can have a win-win situation for yourself and all of us.

You can reduce your energy bill with the right combination of small changes. Many of those changes cost nothing. Take a look at some no cost changes you can make today in our Energy Saving Tips section.

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What You Should Know
If your house takes too long to get back to a comfortable temperature, you might investigate getting a programmable thermostat, and set it to start heating or cooling your house an hour or so before you return.
You could also set the thermostat back, to a lower temperature for heating, or a higher one for cooling, while you are gone, rather than turning it off completely.
The good programmable thermostat does all of the remembering for you once it is set. It will save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting (or heater to a lower setting) when no one is present in the house, or in the evenings when it is cooler.