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To me the most striking fact that stands forth in the story of Earth's wild life not so long ago is the wide extent and thoroughness of its distribution. 

Wide as our planet is, and marvelous as it is in the diversity of its climates, its soils, its topography, its flora, its riches and its poverty, Nature gave to each square mile and to each acre a generous quota of wild creatures, according to its ability to maintain living things. 

 "Abundance" is the word with which to describe the original natural life that stocked Earth, only a short century ago.

In the early days, the millions kinds of fish and sea fauna attracted no serious attention from the people-at-large; but they lived and flourished just the same, far down in all oceans, when the greedy new type of fishing boats systematically started to slaughtered them, and packed them up for "the market," while the foolish people calmly permitted them to do it.


Our rapid economic growth, the resulting changes in consumption patterns, and careless exploatation of natural resources can easy destroy the healthy progress of the whole planet. 

My pessimistic conclusion: If we keep this self destructive direction the end of the world might not be far off.

Our planet need a form of development which takes place within the framework laid down by Nature, and not at the expense of Nature and the environment.


Maya Gavric, entrepreneur, consultant, realtor, freelance writer, web developer, artist and marketing coach has been working, researching and reporting on the Internet for years. Her numerous articles offer valuable insight and tips on wide variety of topics. In recent times she has paid particular attention to knowledge management on the Internet and environmental problems, exploring how our attention to hot issues might best transform current situation into better practice.

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The "The Abundance Of Nature"  reprinted with permission.

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What You Should Know
A correct measure of economic growth must include the costs of various types of wear and tear on roads, factories and other facilities, as well as the cost of consuming and polluting natural resources.
In rich countries as well as poor ones, the actual rate of economic growth can be significantly lower than that shown in conventional economic models, such as GNP.
Certain costs, such as the pollution of air and water, consumption of various natural resources (like wetlands, fish, forests, soil, etc) are not included in the GNP calculations.
Everywhere old and new forms of life live side by side in deadly competition but the later improved variety multiplies and spreads at the cost of less favored types.