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Expansion And Influences On Environment



The Earth's surface is the most important index of our physical existence, social and political evolution. The rise and decline, not only of peoples, but of whole civilizations have depended upon their relations to Earth and their local area. Therefore problems of our area, such as the expansion of a small territory, the economic and political mastery of a large one, dominate all history. In last 60 years we experienced tremendous growth which carries with it a huge cost that our environment pays. 

Every expansion, positive or negative has direct influences on environment. Developing business and residential areas strips away green space and trees.  The impressive amount of additional people coming in new developed areas and businesses create massive amounts of additional waste, use huge number of additional gallons of water each day, and drive many more cars and other industrial vehicles that pollute our air.

The responsibility is on every individual not on some imaginary hero who is going to change things for us and save the Earth. In order to implement changes we have to take responsibility for our own actions and start in the local area NOW. 

Our relations to our environment are infinitely more numerous and complex than those of the most highly organized plants or animals. We have been so noisy about the way we conquered Nature, and Nature has been so silent about group or individual persistent bad influences over our own habitat, that the environmental factor in the equation of future human development has been overlooked.

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Maya Gavric, entrepreneur, consultant, realtor, freelance writer, web developer, artist and marketing coach has been working, researching and reporting on the Internet for years. Her numerous articles offer valuable insight and tips on wide variety of topics. In recent times she has paid particular attention to knowledge management on the Internet and environmental problems, exploring how our attention to hot issues might best transform current situation into better practice.

The "Expansion And Influences On Environment" reprinted with permission.

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What You Should Know
Significant harm from climate change is already occurring, and further damages are a certainty. The challenge now is to keep climate change from becoming a catastrophe.
The oil, gas, coal, and mining industries stand to lose tremendously if the facts and truth about global warming becomes accepted by world's society.
The rise and decline, not only of peoples, but of whole civilizations have depended upon their relations to Earth and their local area.
"Laypeople frequently assume that in a political dispute the truth must lie somewhere in the middle, and they are often right. In a scientific dispute, though, such an assumption is usually wrong."
(Paul Ehrlich)