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Protecting our environment  is an imperative duty, because it must be performed at once, for otherwise it will be too late.

Environmental issues and pollution are in so bad shape and complex that they need every possible means of preservation immediately. The preservation and conservation cannot be won by gentle tones, nor by gentle appeals to the aesthetic instincts of those who have no sense of responsibility, or beauty and enjoyment of Nature. It is necessary to sound a loud alarm, to present the facts in very strong language, backed up by irrefutable statistics and illustrated by images which tell no lies, to establish the law and enforce it to the full extend.

Man can no more be scientifically studied apart from the quality of equipment and materials he uses on the ground which he tills, or the industry he works, the lands over which he travels, the seas which he over explored, the transportation he uses to do trades, than northern bear or desert plant can be understood apart from its natural habitat. Man's relations to his environment are infinitely more numerous and complex than those of the most highly organized living organisms, being plants or animals.

Our air and water are polluted, forests are swept away, rivers and streams serve as sewers and dumping grounds, many birds are becoming extinct, many mammals are on the verge of extermination and fishes are driven from the streams. Nature is being destroyed so rapidly all over the world even within the conservation areas, and our earthly paradise is being turned into an earthly disaster zone. The worst of all is the fact that all the damage is not done by our enemies, crazy savages nor primitive men. People who are doing this are the men and women who boast of their civilization and leadership. 

We need to constitute a legitimate and necessary authority with power to start special independent study, investigation, education, new laws and hefty enforcement to protect all mankind.

The limitation of investigation which today's biggest pollutants receive is piecemeal and partial, limited as to the type of industry, their "economic" influence, race, cultural development, country or variety of geographic conditions taken into account. Since all these scientific reports and sciences, together with environmental history so far as history undertakes to explain the causes of certain harmful events, fail to reach a much needed satisfactory solution of our environmental problems largely because the pure profit factor which enters into them all has not been thoroughly analyzed.

We have to know an important fact that the ecological issues need better laws, enforcement and full names of all individuals and businesses involved in braking it regardless of their position in society. Not respecting the environment should cost a lot of money, even possibility of closing the business and prison for irresponsible individuals.

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Maya Gavric, entrepreneur, consultant, realtor, freelance writer, web developer, artist and marketing coach has been working, researching and reporting on the Internet for years. Her numerous articles offer valuable insight and tips on wide variety of topics. In recent times she has paid particular attention to knowledge management on the Internet and environmental problems, exploring how our attention to hot issues might best transform current situation into better practice.

The "Protect Environment" reprinted with permission.

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What You Should Know
The present populations of the planet Earth represent physical adaptation to their environments. 
Climate change has an impact on prosperity. If climate change is not mitigated or understood early enough, the ability of a country to generate a livelihood may be impacted by increased disease, diseases that plants or animals weren't accustomed to, new pest patterns, and much more.
The more adaptable and mobile an organism is, the wider the distribution which it attains and the greater the rapidity with which it displaces its weaker kin.
Mankind has in common with all other forms of life the tendency toward expansion. 
The rise and decline, not only of peoples, but of whole civilizations have depended upon their relations to Earth and their local area.