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What You Should Know About Successful Projects

We need to lead by example and constantly improve what is essential to our progress by mastering science and new technology.

People, data, design, technical infrastructure, project management, and many other factors influence the outcome of a performance and there are always specific areas of risk.

All successful projects depend on the strength of the people involved with them.

Clearly, the people involved in the project play a vital role in its success or failure. Every performance is based largely on the knowledge, personal experiences and collective wisdom that are kept by individual contributors and as a whole establish a considerable knowledge base.

Knowledge management, managing good interpersonal skills, understanding your human potential,  knowing the level of their expertise, sharing it across your organizational bounds, and creating new knowledge based on previous experience is a function critical to the successful projects and all other process improvement methodologies that ultimately lead to outstanding performance. 

In some cases we may have to disagree, or even “agree to disagree” on some aspects. By constantly looking for constructive ways to put conflict aspects behind us and recognize that if that is the case, all conflict issues must be systematically addressed and actively managed in order for an organization to leverage its lessons learned into future success.

We also should understand that sometimes a completed, successful implementation depends more on the character and work ethic of those involved than a fancy project plan or project management.

Successful Businesses Respect People & Environment

Successful businesses become successful by constantly improving, and that starts by understanding all aspects of business operations. On other hand improving environment is not possible without a clear understanding of, and sensitivity to, the effects of business operations on the environment.  Responsible businesses will make global environmental benefits their business legacy issue and contribute to the global effort of reducing and avoiding the risks. Protecting environment as common good should be an important element in the growth of the business and new global environmental programs.  Deal with environment and people responsibly. You can help on so many ways and on different levels. 


Maya Gavric, entrepreneur, consultant, realtor, freelance writer, web developer, artist and marketing coach has been working, researching and reporting on the Internet for years. Her numerous articles offer valuable insight and tips on wide variety of topics. In recent times she has paid particular attention to knowledge management on the Internet and environmental problems, exploring how our attention to hot issues might best transform current situation into better practice.

The "Successful Projects Depend On People" reprinted with permission.

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What You Should Know
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