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Economy & Ecosystems
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Effects On Ecosystems
Continued growth, combined with a rapid increase in Earth's population and unchanged production and consumption patterns, increases pressure on the biosphere. The relationship between a growing economy and its effects on various ecosystems is a complex one.
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Growth & Development 
Growth and development are not the same thing. The type of growth is of crucial importance. Proper economic growth is impossible without taking into consideration the natural resources and the environment that people depend upon. Many people, including economists do not understand the costs of environmental degradation.
Save Rainforest
Former Abundance
To me the most striking fact that stands forth in the story of Earth's wild life not so long ago is the wide extent and thoroughness of its distribution. Wide as our planet is, and marvelous as it is in the diversity of its climates, its soils, its topography, its flora, its riches and its poverty, Nature gave to each square mile and to each acre a generous quota of wild creatures, according to its ability to maintain living things.  "Abundance" is the word with which to describe the original natural life that stocked Earth, only a short century ago.
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Support Environment: Localize The Problem And Take Action Now!

This web site is such an alarm call to all people around the world to protect environment and end this urgent and real threat against the Earth for the welfare and happiness of our own generation and for all future generations. We have to find a way to work together and the responsibility to act NOW.

Start the campaign for the preservation of Nature against the selfishness, the ignorance, or the cruelty of her destroyers for the sake of our and their future. The facts and figures set forth on this web site will astonish all those lovers of Nature and friends of the Earth who are living in a false or imaginary sense of security.

It is very strange that those who would accept the general facts of universal natural resources do not perceive that they are taking away the ground from under the feet of the natural environment.

Fortunately the tide of hiding the truth is ebbing, and we can only hope that the tide of new momentum with power strong enough to enforce conservation is coming in. We know that most people are practical, they love money and will sacrifice much for it, but they are also full of idealism, as well as of moral and spiritual energy. We need to connect together all our best forces into human power for the protection of our beloved Earth.

Don't Waist Another Minute - Help Now!

On this site you will find information that will help you make environmentally sound decisions in your role as a responsible citizen, teacher, student, business person, community or government leader. Conservation movement is becoming part of our daily routine and should grow stronger every day.
We are far behind in the preservation of our vanishing world. Don't waist another minute, help NOW.

The lack of attention to what is already known about devastating global warming implies that the biggest challenges are first the dissemination of existing knowledge, the ignorance of the big decision makers, the slow production of new ideas and research, lack of preparedness in all levels of governments to make and enforce new laws, and no standard guidelines to prepare citizens for their new obligations. Global warming and negative impact on environment can be avoided without excessive economic cost but the world must begin acting immediately.

This web site is global in its vision and influence, but local in application. Since we think that it is unwise to put tight clothes on a growing child, this web site is not going to have any limitations in size or number of environmental issues we can discuss here. Protecting environment means protecting everything around us. If you have any tips or articles that are connected to the environmental issue, please fill free to contact us any time. more >

Recycling & Environmental Benefits

Recycling has inherent environmental benefits. Using recyclables or recovered materials as a substitute for virgin feedstocks conserves energy used for manufacturing and lessens the environmental impacts associated with extraction and harvesting of raw materials. Recycling industry means good jobs for workers, and those jobs stimulate both local and regional economies. Recycling encourages major capital investments and also supports government through tax revenues and fees. Support all recycling programs you can! 
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Buying 'Green' Products

Buying green is a good first step toward your environmental improvement. Buying 'Green' products is not necessarily more expensive and may save you money in the long term. Through purchasing of more efficient, low emission or recycled materials, and by influencing your supply chain, you can greatly improve your environmental performance. more >

Take Action Now!

The environment, natural resources and wild life on the Earth belongs to the whole people of the world. And yet, how many people are there today, who would try to save that environment, natural resources and wild life with any feeling of gratitude for the part it played in our history? Very few! How many people are there around the world who will now try to protect and preserve that important part of our existence for us and future generations? As a matter of fact, very few! What happened to rest of the people and their involvement? What about your personal involvement?  more >

The best way to support environment is to localize the problem and Take Action Now!