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The RIVERKEEPERS: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right by John Cronin, Robert Kennedy, Al Gore

the riverkeepers

This is the story of the people of New York's forty year fight to take back THEIR blessed Hudson River.

In the 1960s the Hudson River, under threat from polluters and energy concerns but beloved by its shoreline residents and local fishermen, became one of the United States' first major environmental battlegrounds. Out of those early legal wrangles emerged some important environmental legislation, and also the Soundkeeper organization, with a mandate to fight for the health of this historic New York river.

This book reveals something about the organization, and even more about the history of the Hudson and environmentalism in America, from John Winthrop to Newt Gingrich, and quite a bit, too, about the upbringings--glamorous (who'd have thought keeping a pet seal in your swimming pool would lead to activism?) and not-so-unusual of its authors.

Promising early chapters sketch out the exploitation of the river by industry and describe some of its colorful champions. (One of the most interesting here is Robert H. Boyle, the writer of a seminal account of the Hudson, The Hudson River: A Natural and Unnatural History, who comes off as a hero.) A terrific final section explains in accessible terms the basis for environmental law in the founding of our country. In between, this book sometimes falters under the weight of too much information. You can't fault these writers for the work they've done, or for the scattered gems of thoughtful information on the modern environmental movement, which make this book worth reading.

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What You Should Know
"The Riverkeepers" is one of the most potent calls for environmental awareness and action and at the same time it is an inspiration for all those interested in becoming serious advocates of a clean world.
The great personal stories of author's John Cronin and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are inspiring and heartwarming. Their trials, tribulations and success' in fighting for environmental justice are a profound demonstration of courage & dedication.
The very best place to start improving the  environment is in our own neighborhoods.
It is time to stop all  shameless destroyers of Nature's gifts, and to punish the criminals who are involved in any act of destruction. People need to take responsibility for their actions.
Any environmental destruction is a crime. It is a crime against Nature, humanity, and prosperity.