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The Ecology Of Commerce

The Ecology of Commerce - by Paul Hawken


"I have come to believe that we in America and in the rest of the industrialized West do not know what business really is, or,..." 

Paul Hawken, the entrepreneur behind the Smith & Hawken gardening supplies empire, is no ordinary capitalist. Drawing as much on Baba Ram Dass and Vaclav Havel as he does on Peter Drucker and WalMart for his case studies, Hawken is on a one-man crusade to reform our economic system by demanding that First World businesses reduce their consumption of energy and resources by 80 percent in the next 50 years.

As if that weren't enough, Hawken argues that business goals should be redefined to embrace such fuzzy categories as whether the work is aesthetically pleasing and the employees are having fun; this applies to corporate giants and mom-and-pop operations alike. He proposes a culture of business in which the real world, the natural world, is allowed to flourish as well, and in which the planet's needs are addressed. Wall Street may not be ready for Hawken's provocative brand of environmental awareness, but this fine book is full of captivating ideas.

What You Should Know
The author of this great book notes that a major component of the cost of goods is in advertising, where most corporations spend much more on advertising than the government spends on all secondary schools, and on packaging, much of which is designed to last vastly longer than the contents.
" Politics was not intended to be the province of money, but the arena wherein individuals could collectively discuss and manage those elements of life that affected the whole of their town,city,or state."
Together we can create an environment that is nurturing, nontoxic, and free of synthetic chemicals.