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Confronting Climate Change

Avoiding the Unmanageable & Managing the Unavoidable

Humanity must act collectively and urgently to change course through
leadership at all levels of society. There is no more time for delay.

Human activities have changed the climate of the Earth, with significant impacts on ecosystems and human society, and the pace of change is increasing. 

The challenge now is to keep climate change from becoming a catastrophe. There is still a good chance of succeeding in this, and of doing so by means that create economic opportunities that are greater than the costs and that advance rather than impede other societal goals. But seizing this chance requires an immediate and major acceleration of efforts on two fronts: mitigation measures (such as reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and black soot) to prevent the degree of climate change from becoming unmanageable; and adaptation measures (such as building dikes and adjusting agricultural practices) to reduce the harm from climate change that proves unavoidable.

Governments, corporations, and individuals must act now to forge a new path to a sustainable future with a stable climate and a robust environment.

There are many opportunities for taking effective early action at little or no cost. Many of these opportunities also have other environmental or societal benefits. Even if some of the subsequent steps required are more difficult and expensive, their costs are virtually certain to be smaller than the costs of the climate-change damages these measures would avert.

Full Report:
"Confronting Climate Change: Avoiding the Unmanageable and Managing the Unavoidable"

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What You Should Know
Global climate change, driven largely by the combustion of fossil fuels and by deforestation, is a growing threat to human well-being in developing and industrialized nations alike.
Significant harm from climate change is already occurring, and further damages are a certainty. 
Two starkly different futures diverge from this time forward. Society’s current path leads to increasingly serious climate-change impacts, including potentially catastrophic changes in climate that will compromise efforts to achieve development objectives where there is poverty and will threaten standards of living where there is affluence.