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20 Easy Ways to Participate in Local Community Efforts to Save Environment

Every community effort needs people like you to help, residents, kids, parents, business people, friends and neighbors. You are all part of your local community. Please consider helping your local environment.
  1. Find out who's responsible for environmental issues in your local area.
  2. Find how you can start to be part of the solution.
  3. Put into practice the 3 big efforts: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  4. Organize or join others in action to restore community identity.
  5. Help in local efforts to breathe life back into places suffering from economic and social decline.
  6. Find out which local business activity is responsible for a large proportion of pollution.
  7. Join or organize local group and take action against bad business practices.
  8. Buy only products or services from businesses demonstrating a commitment to saving environment.
  9. Join or organize action to make your local city's brownfield and 'wasteland' environment friendly.
  10. Support creation of new wildlife sites.
  11. Find low maintenance alternative to replace your grass lawn.
  12. Start composting your kitchen and green waste.
  13. Reduce the amount of junk-mail you receive.
  14. Donate your old furniture to charity or someone in need.
  15. Reduce the amount of plastic bags used for your shopping.
  16. Donate your clothing to local charity. 
  17. Recycle your paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and related items via kerbside collection services.
  18. Join or organize action to make your local parks and play areas clean and environment friendly.
  19. Find out what's being done to environmentally friendly project you support.
  20. Donate time and money to environmental projects and get involved.

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What You Should Know
Many businesses use massive amounts of energy but much of this is wasted and adds to air pollution and climate change. By improving efficiency this could easily be reduced, which can also lead to substantial cost savings.
Oftentimes environment modifies the physique of a people indirectly by imposing upon them certain predominant activities, which may develop one part of the body almost to the point of deformity.
Buying green is a good first step toward environmental improvement. Buying green products is not necessarily more expensive and may save you money in the long term. Through purchasing of more efficient, low emission or recycled materials, and by influencing your supply chain, you can greatly improve your environmental performance.