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Rubber Mulch

use rubber mulch

Use Rubber Mulch

Beautify your home, businesses, schools, parks or playgrounds with rubber mulch and save the environment.

Ruber mulch offers worry free landscaping and such superior performance compared to other ground covers on the market. The best thing is that no trees are harmed in the producing ruber mulch and at the same time the substantial burden, caused by discarded tires, is removed from the environment. 

Ruber mulch is economical to use, offers many advantages and lasts for years. This great environmentally friendlly product reduces the use of toxic chemicals, eliminates the weed growth, retains moisture in the soil, prohibits evaporation, does not attract insects or rodents.

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What You Should Know
Rubber mulch looks like organic mulch, but it is made from shredded tires.
Rubber mulch blocks fungus growth and slows weed growth and does not attract insects or rodents, retains moisture in the soil and does not to be replaced every year.
Beautify your playground or your landscaping with rubber malch and enjoy worry free landscaping  with great product made from shredded tires.