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Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Dog Bakery Products

blue dog bakeryblue dog bakery
Premium. Highest quality bakery ingredients. No animal by-products. Made with real peanut butter & real black strap molasses. 
  • Made with the highest quality bakery ingredients.
  • Made with all natural flavors.
  • Made with real black strap molasses.
  • Contain NO animal by-products.
  • Contain NO artificial flavorings or colors.
  • Contain NO artificial preservatives.
  • Come in large and small animal shapes.
  • Perfect for all size dogs.
  • Easily digestible protein from whole wheat,
    whole egss and nonfat milk.
  • Helps maintain strong teeth and fresh breath.
  • A wholesome treat eaten with a balanced diet.

Perfect for all size dogs. No preservatives or additives. No artificial flavors or colors. Helps maintain fresh breath. Made in the USA.

Store in a cool, dry place.

What You Should Know
Our treats are made with you and your dog in mind! Natural, wholesome and down right YUMMY!
These dog treats pass the people test: They look pretty good and even smell okay. More importantly, dogs love them and they hit every upscale dog treat trend you can name: natural, low in fat, and no animal byproducts, artificial colors, preservatives, or additives.
Their chewy texture, highquality ingredients, and fancy flavors are apparently prompting some dog owners to enjoy them along with their dogs.