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Energy Saving Products

Buy Energy Saving Products, Save Environment & Money

solar lightssolar lights

Buy solar garden lights or solar accent lights and enjoy the latest L.E.D. technology and savings. The sun charges fixture batteries by day and turns on automatically at night with no wiring or cost to operate. The fixtures are designed to add beauty, security, and safety to your yard.
Save money and environment, buy outdoor lights with motion detector feature. Most of quality outdoor lights with motion detector feature a passive infrared sensor (PIR) which senses movement and a photocell which senses light. Therefore the motion detector is only activated "from dusk until dawn" when there is a low surrounding level of light.

buy energy saving bulbs Select the top 10 most used bulbs in your home and replace with CFLs. The average use for bulbs is 4 hours per day, totaling 120 hours per month. Assume you want to change all 10 bulbs to 100W equivalents (which would be equivalent to 26W CFLs). The operating cost for ten 100W bulbs over the course of 1 month = $12.00 (based on an energy rate of $0.10/kWh). The operating cost for ten 26 CFL bulbs over the same period = $3.12 Monthly savings = $8.88 and yearly savings = $106.56  Order NOW

buy timer USE TIMERS TO IMPROVE ENERGY EFFICIENCY Most of the regular timers are easy to use. The digital timers povide to-the-minute accuracy and a user friendly digital screen for simple programming.

Most timers combine security and energy efficiency with form and function. Their sleek design and compact size make them an attractive fit in any room. Click here to order


gardening tips

What You Should Know
Light up your home with Globe Enersaver® bulbs and save in energy costs. With a growing concern for reducing total energy consumption  is growing in popularity.
Use reflectors for high ceilings or in recessed ceiling fixtures to project light downwards. They are great for use in kitchen or living room.
Mini spirals are great for table or reading lamps. In most cases they are direct replacement for general household.
You can replace regular vanity lights on all vanity fixtures with  CFLs.
They offer excellent color rendering, save money  and produce less heat than regular bulbs.
Dimmable bulbs are great for bedside table lamps.
Bright soft white light does not have the glaring “hot spot” of a regular bulb. Provides more ambient lighting and a cozier atmosphere.