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Food For Everyone

For the first time ever Mittleider Method Gardening Books and Manuals are available for digital download. Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s teachings about gardening are the best possible practical gardening methods used by great number of families throughout the world. 

In his unique work the author presents a concise look on growing fresh vegetables to meet the needs of the family with a surplus to share or sell. His teaching and gardening methods are the outgrowth of many years of dedicated research and experimentation im more than two score countries around the world under most unusual and varied circumstances, like Africa, Southern Utah Indian reservations, Trinidad, Tobago, W.I, and Russia.

The methods are not limited by poor soils, rocks, hillsides, swamps, city limits, long seasons, short seasons, rain, arid regions, waste land, weeds, lack of powered equipment, or no equipment. His methods are also simple, inexpensive, and easy to implement.

And you’ll be pleased to know you are helping support the work of the Non-Profit Food for Everyone Foundation, which was set up to continue Dr. Jacob Mittleider’s work of teaching the best possible gardening methods to families throughout the world.

What You Should Know
The US Department Of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Ageing (HNRCA) at Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts has been studying the antioxidant properties of whole foods. 
They set out to measure the total antioxidant power of individual foods. They established the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity – the ORAC score – a measure of each food’s ability to neutralize free radicals and protect the body from ageing and degenerative disease.
According to the researchers, we should be aiming for at least 3,000 and, for a maximum protection, 5000 ORAC units every single day.