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Rubber Mulch Mats

rubber mulch mat

Order Perm-A-Mulch™

Perm-A-Mulch™ - Mulch mats for trees, signs, lamp posts, mail boxes and more... Looks exactly like organic mulch, but made of 100% recycled durable shredded tire rubber.


  • Designed for permanent use.
  • Water and nutrients pass through it. 
  • Weeds can't grow in it. 
  • Trimmers can't damage it.
  • Hole is easily expanded for tree growth.
  • Ground can breathe naturally.
  • Won't scatter, blow away or decompose.

Properly installed (underlying sod removed), it is sturdy enough to be run over by your mower, heavy enough not to be picked up by the mower and tough enough to take the whipping delivered by your string trimmer. And if you get clippings on it, and a broom or blower isn't handy, just pick it up and shake it off!

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What You Should Know
Perm-A-Mulch™ by Phoenix Recycled Products is made of recycled rubber, mixed with a special bark colored binder and molded to form a tough, flexible mat that allows air, water and nutrients to pass through but effectively blocks weeds and grass, and yet it looks just like mulch.
Beautify all of your trees with Perm-A-Mulch™ mats for trees and enjoy worry free landscaping. Perm-A-Mulch™ is your permanent solution to your mulching, weed and erosion problems.
Perm-A-Mulch is also available as loose material in three different colors: hardwood, pine, and cypress.