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Use Rubberific Mulch

rubberific mulch

rubberific mulch

Rubberific Mulch®, the hallmark product offering from International Mulch Company™, is a realistically textured rubber mulch that looks virtually identical to wood mulch.

International Mulch Company ™ is the leader in recycled rubber products for residential and commercial groundcover applications. 

This great landscaping product is made from 100 percent recycled truck tires and in variety of colors to match your landscaping. 

Worry-Free Landscaping
Rubberific Mulch® is heavier than regular wood mulch, so it is easy to get yard debris off. They recommend using a leaf blower on the low setting, and holding the blower about 6-9 inches above the mulch. This should remove the debris while leaving the mulch in place.

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What You Should Know
The big success of  Rubberific Mulch inspired Miller and the executive leadership at International Mulch Company to expand the product line to include other landscaping and outdoor products made from recycled rubber.
In 2003, International Mulch Company introduced NuPlay™, a chunk rubber ground cover product designed specifically for playgrounds and commercial applications.
International Mulch Company has recycled more than 45 million pounds of truck tires since its inception in 2000.