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Protect Wild Life

Support Environment and Get Great Exposure

Would your company like to market themselves to people who care about Nature and the environment?
Our Sponsors get great exposure and focused marketing while also making valuable contributions to the environment! Each Sponsor will receive multiple name recognition. Are you interested in Sponsorship opportunities with us?

A number of financial sponsorship levels have been established in order to elevate the recognition of those sponsors who provide the most benefit to the project. Check out our Sponsorship Programs if you are interested.

Your sponsorship assistance can be in the form of money, paid human resources, or in-kind donations in the form of space, equipment, donated materials, or professional services. The list is a long one and you can offer sponsorship assistance that you like the most (subject to our needs and approval).

NOTE: Your sponsorship does not imply any specific control over our organizational structure.


  • Every Sponsor who is sponsoring specific environmental program will receive recognition in targeted Support Environment press releases and fact sheets produced for the supported program.
  • Sponsor's logo will be included on all collateral and event materials for Support Environment program including brochures, posters, program letterhead and facsimile cover page.
  • Every Sponsor will receive corporate identification and recognition in promotional media for the Support Environment Program as appropriate.
Other opportunities:
Every Sponsor has right to publish article in our FREE Environmental Article Database with link to their Web site and/or contact info (subject to publishing rules and our review).

Thank you for your help and support! Need more information?  Please feel free to contact us

More information on how to support environment is available under following sections:

What You Should Know
Use of soils, forests and the ocean are key to climate change since they act to break down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Industrial agriculture puts large amounts of greenhouse gases like methane into the atmosphere.
Everywhere old and new forms of life live side by side in deadly competition but the later improved variety multiplies and spreads at the cost of less favored types. The struggle for existence means a struggle for space.
Many times environment modifies the physique of a people indirectly by imposing upon them certain predominant activities, which may develop one part of the body almost to the point of deformity.